Social and Youthful Campaigns

Social aspect of Belgrade Sport Fest

Realizing the situation of people with disabilities in society, a very important part of the Belgrade Sport Fest 2011 will be campaign which actions will send a social message related to the everyday problems of people with disabilities.

In order to better understanding and through the universal language of sport, campaign would make people with disabilities much more closer to others, more open, overcoming prejudices, and join themselves to the sport and social life in general.

Psychologically speaking, in the long run it will contribute in reducing differences and making greater acceptance and recognition of deserved honor to their success in sport achieved by defending the colors of our country at the Paralympic Games and in other very important sporting events around the world.

We would be supported by "Paralympic Committee of Serbia" both demonstration of some sports skills and involvement in a campaign of some of our Paralympic athletes as the promoter of the following Festival and Special Olympics of Serbia.

Slogan of this year's social campaign is "Sport with a reason - warming up", pointing to a preparation of our sportists for Paralympic games, while at Belgrade Sport Fest 2012. slogan for the same campaign will be "Sport with a reason - till victory".

The objectives of the campaign are:

  1. Supporting our athletes and their participation at the upcoming Special Olympics in Athens 2011 and at the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in London in year 2012.
  2. Education and presentation of successes of our disabled athletes, as well as the convergence through the lens of sports. At the same time, we would like to bridge the gap and prejudices against disabled persons.

The campaign will last two weeks, and the final of the campaign is planned for June 15th 2011, when the basketball tournament is to be held in front of Ušće Shopping Centre. Teams will be mixed and composed of representatives from Special Olympics and the athletes. This tournament will be organized in cooperation with the Special Olympics of Serbia. In addition to basketball tournaments, the Paralympic sports, Paralympic athletes will be introduced to the audience, in the realization of the Paralympic committee and athletes of Special Olympics of Serbia.

The aim is to introduce the Paralympics as well as support to our athletes before the Olympics and Paralympics in London in 2012. The culmination of the campaign would be on the Sport Fest, at basketball tournament where the competitors with disabilities would participate. This campaign would be repeated next year at the Sport Fest, so this year's campaign name would be SPORT FOR ALL - WARMING UP, while the SPORT FEST 2012 in the Olympic and Paralympic year would be SPORT FOR ALL - TO THE VICTORY.

We think that with this campaign, both eight hundred thousand (800 000) of disabled people in Serbia and any other citizens, would have benefits. All this would contribute in getting closer and overcoming loads of differences, as well as encouraging people with disabilities to practice some sports. As we all know that for development of sport in a professional way, it is crucial that people do it massively and this campaign would be of great help to popularize, learning about sports and procurement of necessary equipment for the implementation of training and preparation of athletes. Serbia must include their full potential and only together we can achieve something that is a common goal, whether it is about olympics or paralympics we all do for raising the reputation and achieving success for our country.

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